Streaming has had a profound effect on how audiovisual narrative media have been produced, distributed, and consumed. Bringing together scholars and practitioners from diverse fields, this conference aims to spotlight aspects of music and sound in the audiovisual narrative landscape – what continuities and disruptions have been engendered by the rise of streaming?

Taking a broad approach to the concept of narrativity, papers in this conference tackle issues pertaining to soundtracks of audiovisual media including, but not limited to:

  • how changes in technology, industrial practices, and business models create new opportunities for transformations in sonic storytelling strategies.
  • how transmedia storytelling scoring strategies might be theorized.
  • which soundtrack-driven aesthetic and narrative innovations are afforded (or discouraged) by on-demand delivery.
  • how streaming-engendered modes of engagement with the soundtrack such as “binge-” or “serial-” listening might be understood.
  • what kinds of fan activity surrounding film, television and video game soundtracks have been fostered by connected viewing practices involving streaming and social media platforms.

As per Kieler Gesellschaft tradition, the conference also features free papers outside the conference theme.

A themed publication in the peer-reviewed, open access journal Kieler Beiträge zur Filmmusikforschung (kbzf) https://journals.qucosa.de/kbzf is planned.